Sand Art


- Sand Arts 01 300x169 - Sand Art

Sand art is free activity for our basic courses student.

Sand animation student create a series of animated works on a glass surface.

Our lives and animation session  is a guaranteed success. It serves art education through creativity, knowledge. An amazing thing about sand is that it can tell any story,  “Sand animation is a new multimedia genre.  this is the language we should use to speak with people. A new medium to hone creativity uses the most commonly available material - sand. A line transforms into a bird or a tiger. See a butterfly morphing into an animal, as you run your fingers through soft sands over a glass topped table.


Sand animation is easy to do. All you need is an table, glass, light and a digital camera

“We used soft sand with talcum powder. A colour filter was placed below the glass to make our sand/light box. One can come up with amazing live animation works with sand. The technique can be used much like a black board.

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