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This free activity for our student.

Pottery, for kids, is one of the most creative activities you can let your child experience.

Kids are born naturally creative, and inquisitive.

They are born filled to the brim with energy, and the need to express themselves.

If you let them express themselves through the arts, they will be happier, more expressive, and generally better mentally.

great about pottery –There is no right or wrong, there is only self-expression & if you let your kids do pottery, then they can create literally anything.

Even if you don’t fire and glaze your kid’s pottery, it’s still good fun to just get out a bag of clay and let them experience getting their hands dirty. You may not be left with anything physical, but often you’ll find that kids are left with a whole range of health and metal benefits, including better hand eye coordination, stronger motor skills, stronger problem solving skills, to name just a few.

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