Guest Lecture

GUEST LECTURE By Well-known Artist

Benefits of Guest Lectures for Students
“Something different than the usual always seems interesting!”

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Guest Lectures – they are fresh, new and often engaging. The modern education system has made guest lecturers an important part of their learning strategies.

Guest speakers are like a blessing for the students, especially when they are addressed by industry personalities. Having guest speakers enhances the educational experience of the students. Moreover, it is a great way for the students to get maximum exposure as guest speakers to talk about their real-life experiences and not what is there in the textbooks.

Inviting guest speakers is an amazing way to learn about a specific topic for the students in a unique way and open new doors for better career opportunities & art world.


Lecture for student

Child Art Activity by Sudahkar Chvan Sir, Vishal Sir & Sheetal Mam

Lecture for parents

Child Art psychology  lecture by Sudahkar Chvan Sir

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