Elementary Grade Exam

Elementary Grade Exam

Elementary Grade Exam

  • Total Course Fees: 5000/- to Rs.14000/- (Fees Depend on Student Drawing Level & Duration)
  • Duration:5 to 10 Months (April to Sep or Oct to Sep)
  • No of Session: 32 or 80 / Per Session Duration:90 Min
  • Minimum Req. Session: weekly 2 days (Miss Session will be cover)
  • Weekend & weekdays batches (Flexible batches as per your convenient)

elementary grade exam - Schedule 9 212x300 - Elementary Grade Exam

Basic Concept, Still Life, Design, Memory Drawing, Nature Drawing, Calligraphy, Freehand Drawing, Geometry and Lettering

This course is a group activity. You can join Grade Exam Group batch and learn more than home in our personal tuition. These examinations are generally held in September end every year. And only those candidates who pass this exam can take admission to next level Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination, after this exam student can get admitted to the specialized higher courses like Commercial Art, Fine Art, and Foundation (Grafiti gives guidance for same). While it is not compulsory for other art courses like Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Textile, having this additional certification does give you an edge over others. In fact, even some IT and other vocational courses give you a preference if you have taken this exam.

Scissors,  Drawing (a3) size Paper,  A4 Rough paper, oil Pastel 50 shade, Sketch pen & Poster Colour 14 shade Brush: flat no - 6, Round - 2,4,6,8, Colour Palette (20 cubes), HB, 2H, 4B, 6B, 8B pencil, Colour pencil, Ink gel pen

Student Work:


elementary grade exam - Elementary Grade Exam C03 01 3 300x300 - Elementary Grade Exam

elementary grade exam - Elementary Grade Exam C03 01 2 300x169 - Elementary Grade Exam

elementary grade exam - Elementary Grade Exam C03 01 1 300x300 - Elementary Grade Exam

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