Basic Canvas

Basic Canvas

Basic Canvas

  • Total Course Fees:RS 2450/- to Rs.9000/- (Fees Depend on Student Drawing Level, Material & Duration)
  • Duration:8 days to 6 Months
  • No of Session: 8 to 40 / Per Session Duration:90 Min
  • Minimum Req. Session: weekly 2 days (Missed Session will be covered)
  • Weekend & weekdays batches (Flexible batches as per your convenient)

basic canvas - Schedule 11 212x300 - Basic Canvas

Acrylic Colour, Free Brush Stroke, Memory Drawing, Texture and much more.

In this course student enjoy canvas painting and also they learn basic concept about canvas & acrylic colour.

Drawing paper A3 size, shading Pencil HB,2B, 4b, 6b, 8b, 10B, 12b, rough paper pad, A3 size, cutter, eraser,  poster colours 12 shades, Acrylic colours 10 shade, Oil Colour, Colour Pencil, Canvas pad A3 size (16"×12"), Deeper, linseed oil and turpentine oil, thinner, Brush synthetic round 2,4,6,8.  flat 2,4,6,8. palette, rough cloth, bowl.

Student Work:


basic canvas - Basic Canvas C05 06 1 300x225 - Basic Canvas

basic canvas - Basic Canvas C05 06 2 300x169 - Basic Canvas

basic canvas - Basic Canvas C05 06 3 300x225 - Basic Canvas

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