Art Field Trip

Art Field Trip

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Experience the Magic of Grafiti’s art field trip & Immersive Learning Environment!

At grafiti we create an environment infused with excitement and interaction, integrating art into educational activities that provide endless amounts of fun and learning!

Fieldtrips are tailored for each age group and grade level.

Architecture Walk
Grafiti conducted Art Architecture tours. All we had to do was sign up and pay a nominal fee.  A senior Artist or architect walked us thorough our filed spot and talked about Art/ architectural highlights. Gives us art demonstration.

Artist Studio
We visited a artist studio, and learned more about this person and their posses of art work. It’s a great way for student & parents to come out of their shells and feel valued as professionals.

 Classroom Observation in art collage…
Watching someone else teach is a powerful thing! Observations ranged from a Montessori school to classes in a district with very similar expectations to ours. Teachers were really excited to come back and share what they saw.


Local Gallery and Museum Tour

Do you ever go to the museum with your children? Consider using your time as a team to visit a Local Gallery  and Museum. We organized local filed trip at local art galleries in our area, and develop up our art student to walk though them. Teachers can report on the artwork, student and parents can interact with artist. and also u can get contacts of  artists.

we have some really solid action steps of how you will connect this to teaching and learning so you can grow your art knowledge, Not only for fun. our art filed trip will make your next Artfield trip more structured and meaningful for your children.

I hope these ideas help get you thinking about art filed trip in a new way.

GRAFITI Collaboration with Sumbran Art Foundation..

The Sumbaran Foundation for Art and Culture is a well known institution from Pune, which works for the conservation and promotion of Indian Art and Culture.

Founded by the renowned artist Prof. RaoSaheb Gurav and a young and successful entrepreneur Mrs. Chitra Mete, the foundation has carried many activities till date such as art workshops, art camps, art exhibitions, art competition and felicitation of talented artists.

The Sumbaran Art Foundation is situated just 30 Km away from the Pune at a location, which is full of natural and scenic beauty.

Apart from the regular activities, the foundation also runs innovative activities like ‘Art Tourism’ and many more.

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