Sunday Art School

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What is Sunday Art School?

Sunday Art School is the weekend art school in each society conducted by the nearby residing teacher. Where students come to learn drawing and painting courses from an experienced art teacher. The purpose of the school is to teach art to kids who might otherwise not have access to it. A variety of activities are planned for the school, including drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.

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Meet the coach

Vishal Shinde

He has twele years of experience as a drawing teacher and he has connected with over 200 artists all over Maharashtra. He is a motivational speaker on JoshTalk and has given speeches at many motivational events.

He is the founder of Grafiti Expressions and Artist. He is an art lover with having a large collection of paintings and drawings of various painters from all over Maharashtra. He is best selling author of two books.

Who can join?

If you wnat to learn drawing and Painting at your convenient time on weekends then you can contact us

Are you looking for drawing / painting classes in your area or society on weekend for your kids?

For Sunday Art School there is no age limit to join the class. Anyone who wants to explore the world of creative imagination with drawing and painting can join the classes at their convenient time.

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